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Office Policy – Employee Handbook

There are many advantages to creating employee handbooks. Employers generally benefit from increased communication with employees regarding company policies, benefits, and work rules. However, employers must be willing and able to honour commitments made in the handbook. Additionally, poorly drafted, maintained or enforced handbook policies can be the source of many problems for employers.

One advantage of an employee handbook is the improved communication between employers and employees. An employee handbook is an opportunity for the employer to communicate with its employees about work place practices and procedures. This is particularly helpful to new employees who can become better acquainted with work place practices at the outset of their employment.

An employee handbook is an opportunity for the employer to communicate with its employees about work place practices and procedures

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Contents of the Employee Handbook

Grievance Procedures

Terms & Conditions of Employment

Disciplinary Policy



Sickness Arrangements

What does the Employee Book Contain?

Fire, Health & Safety Responsibilities

Car Allowance

Data Protection

Time off

Employment Tribunals Service

Safety Management

Working Hours

Emergency Procedures

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Benefits to your business

  • Improve Employee/Management Relations

  • Reduce Risk of Tribunals

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  • HR advice when you need it.

  • 24 hour on call service

  • Independent and Semi Independent

Would my business benefit from providing an employee handbook?

An employee handbook is a good location to communicate guidelines and policies under which a company operates. It is a source both for the employer to announce, clarify or change policies and also for the employee to look to for a common understanding of the company’s standards of conduct. In addition, the handbook can express the company’s mission and can contribute to the furtherance of the company’s corporate culture.

By understanding what the company expects of the employee and what the employee can expect of the company, an employee handbook helps to minimize anxiety of employees by decreasing fear of the unknown. The manual can clearly and specifically define everything from the nature and status of the employment relationship, to the ramifications and process which will be followed in the event of employee misconduct or poor performance.

Finally, the employee handbook offers an opportunity to state affirmatively and confirm that employment is at will, thereby possible insulating the company from many claims. This helps to put all parties on notice as to the nature, scope and rules of the working relationship from the outset.

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