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At Premier Risk Services we believe that it benefits all businesses to generally have an ongoing relationship with employment lawyers they trust. It is a fact of life that when employing human beings, there are inevitably challenges along the way. Employment contracts often prove the start of a beneficial long term relationship not only with employees but with us as lawyers.

Employment contracts often prove the start of a beneficial long term relationship not only with employees but with us as lawyers

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Benefits to your business

  • Reduce HR Costs
  • Improve Employee/Management Relations

  • Reduce Risk of Tribunals

  • HR advice when you need it.
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Reasons to use our Environmental Consulting services

We fully understand that clients adopt a cost/benefit approach to legal services. It is entirely possible now to source decent employment contracts on the internet at low cost. However, one size rarely fits all and it often make sense to have a standard template amended by employment lawyers so it suits your requirements and the staff needs and policies of your organisation. Engaging with us has a major benefit in that we will ask you the types of questions as part of the drafting process which encourage proper thought to go into your contracts of employment.

If you don’t understand your contracts, how can you expect your employees to understand them? More importantly, if you are not clear about certain issues and policies, how can you apply them properly and consistently? If you have different types of employees, different roles and management levels, will one standard contract be appropriate for them all? What happens when laws change, as they frequently do in employment law?

We offer highly cost effective services of ensuring your business has the right contracts of employment, that you understand the underlying law and reasons for including or excluding certain clauses and that you get ongoing support for your employment contracts. The cost of instructing us is likely to be far less than dealing with one employment tribunal claim, so commercially, it’s a good investment.

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