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In a single sentence, they say what the law wants you to do when planning or working at height as part of a job of work. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 apply to everyone, employed, self-employed or contracted, but only at work.

They don’t apply when you’re cleaning your windows at home, rock climbing, caving, bungee jumping or attempting the world record for domino-stacking, unless you’re getting paid to do it!

The law states you must assess the risk, train employees, inspect and utilise the right type of equipment

Our Solutions

The law states you must assess the risk, train employees, inspect and utilise the right type of equipment (as well as many other things). At Premier Risk Services we pride ourselves in helping you and your business meet the required safety standards, so you can get on and do the job that actually makes your business successful.

We ensure that the documentation introduced to your business suits your employees and very nature of what you do.

  • Duty-holders Responsibilities
  • Planning
  • Weather Consideration Procedures
  • Staff training
  • Inspections
  • Equipment
  • Loler Inspection & Compliance
  • Reporting
  • Location Risk Assessment
  • Responsibility Hierarchy
  • Working at height procedures
  • Onsite Accident Response

Why Premier?

Benefits to your business

  • Reduce your Safety Management Costs

  • A fully qualified safety department on standby when you need it

  • 24 hour on call service

  • Independent and Semi Independent

Reasons to use our consulting services

The Regulations are an attempt to lay down sets of simple, universal rules on the way you work, the equipment you use, your training, planning and supervision. As with everything the idea of a ‘universal rule’ is never any good in the real world, and this is why the Work at Height Regulations have taken nearly four years to arrive, and even now they still look a little frayed around the edges!

The WAHR are the UK implementation of what has become known as the ‘Temporary Work at Height Directive’, an EU Council Directive given in 2001 and enacted on 19 July 2001.

This has to be enacted into the national law of each member country, and in the UK, it has become the basis of the Work at Height Regulations.

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